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The Berkshire Bracelet was created to capture the colors of each season of the Berkshires and all that the Berkshires have to offer in each season.  

There is a season for everyone here in the Berkshires whether you ski, snowmobile, ice-skate, backpack, hike, camp, golf, fish, bike, visit the many museums, take in a play, enjoy a concert at Tanglewood, or even to take a Sunday drive. The Berkshires is an idyllic setting for them all.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall in the Berkshires are captured in this jewelry with four signature beads that represent the colors of each season:  
Winter is symbolized with a white gemstone, just like the mountains and fields look after they are blanketed with freshly fallen snow.
Spring is represented by a green gemstone, just as it looks when all the trees and plants come alive after a long Berkshire winter.
Summer is signified by a blue gemstone, just like the color of the sky on a cloudless, warm summer day in the Berkshires.
Fall is characterized by a green and orange gemstone, just like the leaves' vivid color that bursts into a picture perfect scene around the Berkshires.


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